Thursday, May 18, 2006

Booked Solid

We're now officially 13 days from my birthday. Really, 26 isn't a particularly important number; I've already passed all of the important milestones and have only the ones that mark me getting extremely old to look forward to (ok, so there's the right to become President at 35). For some, birthdays are a time to invite as many friends as possible to get together for a crazy bash and be showered with free drinks and gifts, whereas for others it's just not a big deal. Typically, for whatever reason I've always been fine with doing something chill, but this year I actually considered doing something a little bigger. I then looked at my upcoming schedule for the next several weeks, and realized that that presents a problem.

Let's break this down, Dr. Jack-style:

May 19-21: I'm flying out to beautiful Burlington, VT for my brother's graduation at UVM. This won't exactly be a raucuous time, as I'll be spending most of it either a) at graduation ceremonies, b) out to meals with my family, or c) lounging around the hotel pool. The biggest issue is that I'll be literally flying from DC To Burlington on Friday night and then back to DC Sunday afternoon, meaning I will be exhausted.

May 26-29 (Memorial Day Weekend): A mere five days later, I'm heading down to North Carolina's Outer Banks and staying here with 30 other people for what looks to be one non-stop party. Apart from finally getting some sun, I'm going to consider this a success if I don't find myself on a stretcher at any point over the course of the weekend.

May 31: My birthday. A Wednesday.

Friday, June 2: The first real opportunity to do something falls on the night of the DC Kickball mid-season party at Rhino's in Georgetown. Since a lot of my friends will already be there, I might as well get some free drinks out of it, right? Too bad it's an open bar.

June 7-June 10: I'm heading out to Vegas with a bunch of friends and may never return. I can't promise anything.

As you can see, there aren't a whole lot of chances to do anything really special. And even there were, would I even have the energy for it?


At 2:25 PM, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said...

Jazz on Jackson place on the 1st! We should do a happy hour for you on the 31st. Any reason to drink mid-week.

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

You're right! I wrote this before I had a chance to schedule that in. And yeah, I thought about doing something on my actual birthday night, but Wednesdays are hard to coordinate. I'm thinking something should be done, but small and chill. More to come.

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How was Vegas? I was there too those days. :)

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »


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